Just how to Produce A Top Level View for a Research-Paper

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Various Kinds Of Plagiarism

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Smokers Cough Top Signs When The Ugly Gets Uglier

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Smoker's Cough - Top Signs When The Ugly Gets UglierCough – it is the respiratory system’s natural reaction when its air passageways come into contact with any substance that it perceives to be ‘harmful’. And yes, your respiratory system considers cigarette smoke as ‘dangerous’. This is why most non-smokers react with bouts of coughs upon contact with secondhand smoke.

You can also say that it is pretty normal for smoker to show symptoms of ‘cough’ once in a while. But because smokers are at a greater risk of respiratory ailments than nonsmokers, they always need to keep watch of their health. One way is to determine the severity of their cough.

So when is ‘cough’ not just a ‘cough’? Here are some symptoms that might indicate a more serious respiratory condition:

A cough that is persistent for a few weeks to a few months is definitely a sign telling you that something is wrong with your body. Cough that also occurs repeatedly throughout the day is seriously alarming. When this happens, it is advisable that you see a doctor right away.

Cough could also

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Why Coughing Can Be Healthy

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Why Coughing Can Be HealthyBelieve it or not, a cough is the body’s way to protect itself and occurs in perfectly healthy people. Coughing is much like a sneeze in that it is not voluntary. There are two different classes of nerves, that have endings in the lungs, which are responsible for causing us to cough.

When a person coughs, their body is trying to get rid of irritants in the air passages. Mucus is oftentimes the reason that a cough starts. The body initiates a cough in order to clear the mucus out of the air passageways.
Amazingly, a cough can force air at speeds up to three hundred miles per hour.

If a person is not a smoker and their X-rays are clear then a persistent cough usually means one of three things. Asthma, post nasal drip or heartburn. Less often, it can be because of chronic bronchitis or a side effect from prescription medicines. Coughing can also be caused by an infection in your upper respiratory tract, pneumonia, tuberculosis or acute bronchitis.

For those of us who smoke, a cough is not something that


Back Pain When Coughing

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Back Pain When CoughingCoughing generally has the purpose of expelling mucus and other materials from the lungs and upper respiratory pathways, though sometimes it is a symptom of an allergic reaction and produces nothing. Whether your cough is related to a cold, flu, allergies or asthma, coughing can cause chest and back pain. There are two main types of coughing back pain.

Muscular Pain

When you cough, a number of muscles in your body contract. These are the normal respiratory and the accessory respiratory muscles. The muscles of the stomach and ribs are normal respiratory muscles. Accessory muscles are found in the back and chest.

You are most likely to suffer a muscle strain from coughing if your cough is prolonged or violent. The constant tensing of a muscle causes it to fatigue, at which point it is not receiving fresh blood flow or ridding waste properly. An overworked muscle can suffer small tears that normally heal within a couple of days, but only if allowed to rest. If you continue to cough, the tears may accumulate and the strain becomes a prolonged situation.

Muscular pain

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Chinese Medicine For Cough

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Chinese Medicine For CoughChinese medicines are widely used in the East for a lot of diseases. Common ailments such as coughs and colds are no exception. There will always be Chinese herbs that can effectively cure usual health concerns such as these. There are different types of cough. Some are due to phlegm while others are caused by certain irritants.

The Chinese herb Radix Platycodi is one popular herb that can expel pus from the lungs. Pus or pleghm is the main reason why a person keeps coughing. The roots of Radix Platycodi are especially prepared to make a concoction that can help treat cough fast.

Biao Men Dong is another Chinese herb that can be used for coughs and colds. This herb can be obtained from the roots of the She Xu tree. It is very effective in stopping the main cause of cough while strengthening, releasing, and nourishing heat inside the body.

Lily Bulb is the common name of the Chinese medicine called Bai He Gu Jin Tang. This one’s very effective for dry cough. It can also provide relief for the dryness of the

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Useful Cough Facts For Chronic Bronchitis Patients

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Useful Cough Facts For Chronic Bronchitis PatientsA cough could be harmless; at the same time, it could be trying to convey a dangerous message. Only a physician will be able to unravel the mystery of a cough. For example, you will cough a lot if you have bronchitis; it is one of the symptoms of bronchitis. Knowledge about the various types and causes of a cough will help you determine the steps required to deal with cough.

1. The Mechanism of a Cough

A cough is a simple body mechanism, characterized by a distinct sound, to get rid of any irritants that cause irritation to the air passages. When you cough, your thoracic cavity contracts abruptly, a movement that releases a lot of air from your lungs. The vagus nerve, which connects the lungs and the brain, has an important role to play in the mechanism of a cough.

2. Why Do People Cough?

A cough is due to either physiological or psychological reasons. Psychological coughing is also called “habitual coughing.” Those in the medical profession call it “streruphilia.” An individual suffering from this condition enjoys


Chronic Bronchitis Causes and Type

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Chronic Bronchitis, Causes and TypeChronic bronchitis may be defined as a disease characterized by cough and sputum for at least 3 consecutive months in a year for more than 2 successive years. in this condition there is chronic obstruction to the alveolar inflow of air either due to chronic bronchitis or bronchial asthma.

Causes –

Smoking: Smoking causes bronchoconstriction, sluggish ciliary movement, increases airway resistance, hypertrophy of the mucous glands, increased number of goblet cells and hypersecretion of mucus. Though smoking is said to be the most important cause, yet only 10%-15% of the smokers develop COPD. Usually a cigarette smoking history of greater than 20 pack Years is associated with the disease. (1 pack year is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 1 year.)

Atmospheric pollution: Industrial and domestic smoke as well as sulphur dioxide are main causes of air pollution which are responsible for chronic bronchial irritation and increased resistance to the airflow.

Infection: The role of infection is uncertain, but it appears that once it develops chronic irritation is maintained and progresses to emphysema. The main organisms are Haemophilus influenzae and

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Herbal Remedies For Cough

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Herbal Remedies For CoughCoughing is an essential action to help clear the airways and throat. However, there are instances wherein cough suggests a symptom of an underlying condition usually obstruction in the respiratory tract. Coughing is a clear skin that the body is functioning properly because of the fact that it can defend the body from irritants coming from the lungs, throat, and other structures in the respiratory tract. There are times when coughing is caused by environmental irritants like smoke, dust, and other allergens.

In ayurveda, cough is termed as Kaasa roga, a Kapha (water) illness, a common problem caused by irritation or stress of the Kapha Dosha. In this belief, it is caused by poor digestion wherein the food not properly absorbed by the body is changed into ama (Ayurveda: mucus). This ama combined with different motions and passages causes cough upon reaching the respiratory system.

Based on the ayurvedic theory there are five varieties of cough namely kaphaja, pittaja, vataja, kshayaja, and kshataja. Each type of cough has its own identifying characteristics, causative factors, and their own treatment depending on what caused the

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Causes of a Dry Cough

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Causes of a Dry CoughIntroduction

Do you have a dry cough? An irritating cough may cause you to splutter and cough at the most inappropriate times. It may be very minor that you can shrug off or it could be something that is potentially very serious if left unchecked: make sure you know the possible dry cough causes.

Physiology of the cough

Why do we all cough? We have all coughed in our lifetime, and there is no-one who escapes coughing from time to time. A cough has the function of clearing our airways of any obstruction. This can be fluid, phlegm, or a foreign body. It is a response to build up enough pressure in our chest to expel any obstructions so our airways are clear to breath again. When we detect any obstruction, or if we feel that our airways are not working as they should be then we tend to cough.

Difference between a wet cough and a dry cough

A wet cough normally occurs when we have an infection. Anything such as pneumonia or a chest infection usually results in a


Natural Asthma Remedies

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Natural Asthma RemediesMost people do not even realize that asthma can be life-threatening. Despite the fact that there are more conventional treatments available than ever before, the death rate from asthma has more than doubled since 1980. Now more than ever asthma sufferers are turning to natural asthma remedies for asthma relief.

Natural asthma remedies are a safe and effective way to get relief from your asthma symptoms such as tightness or pain in your chest, wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Natural asthma remedies have been used for years for treating asthma.

Another reason for asthma sufferers to turn to natural asthma remedies is because asthma medications have a host of side effects. They contribute to yeast growth, osteoporosis, rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, thinning of the skin and connective tissue, etc. They even seem to worsen asthmatic symptoms after a while or become less potent.

Natural asthma remedies do more than treat the asthma symptoms, they are used to aid the body by enhancing its own natural defense mechanisms to heal itself.

Using natural asthma remedies can reduce your


How to Have Your Best Cold Ever

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How to Have Your Best Cold EverMy son came home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house at 2:45 a.m. recently. They said that he was crying and coughing and that neither could be stopped. As he has asthma whenever he is stricken with a virus (a cold, in this case), my parents had done the various inhaler treatments throughout that day, following his morning announcement that he had a “sore throat” – always a bad sign in our house. A parent of a child with viral-induced asthma knows that the plain-old cold will be anything but ho-hum.

As the mom of an asthmatic child, I do whatever it takes to keep the viruses at bay. Not so easy here in the Midwest when we spend lots of time together indoors for half the year.

Below are some of the techniques that I employ now to get through a cold.

1. Take a warm bath morning and night until you’re better.

2. Blow your nose until it’s clear.

3. Take the acetaminophen/Ibuprofen without (much) complaint.

4. Sit under a towel with a steamy bowl of water


Natural Tuberculosis Treatment Method

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Natural Tuberculosis Treatment MethodFirst, The Causes:

Tuberculosis may affect not only the lungs, but other parts of the body as well, especially the bones and kidneys, but also sometimes the intestines, spleen, and liver.

This disease is caused by bacteria. But intemperance in eating, drinking, and dressing, exposure to cold, loss of sleep, impure air, lack of proper exercise, not breathing deeply enough to open up all the lung cells, leading a sedentary life, overwork, lack of properly prepared nourishing food, and an unbalanced diet all pave the way for the tuberculosis germ to gain a foothold.

The Symptoms

The symptoms may be slow in developing. There is usually a cough, and many times the sputum that is coughed up contains blood. The cough may gradually become more severe.

There is frequently an associated fever, profuse sweating at night, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

Chest pain may be present when there is an associated pleurisy. Sometimes the lymph nodes in one or both sides of the neck are enlarged (scrofula) was frequently caused by drinking milk that was contaminated with the


Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes Smoking and Tuberculosis

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Type 2 Diabetes - Diabetes, Smoking, and TuberculosisAccording to research completed at the University of Massachusetts, avoiding both Type 2 diabetes and smoking can be helpful in preventing death from tuberculosis or TB. People diagnosed with diabetes are known to have a higher than average risk of tuberculosis, and according to a study reported on in February 2013 in PLos One, TB’s severity and how much treatment could also be influenced by diabetes and by smoking.

The study included 657 people with tuberculosis at the National Masan Tuberculosis Hospital in the Republic of Korea.

the people with diabetes, 25 percent of the study participants, had worse chest x-rays than non-diabetic patients.
participants who had diabetes and smoked cigarettes had a 5.78 times higher risk of death in the first year of the study than those people who did not have diabetes or smoke.
From this information, it was concluded diabetes made cases of TB worse, and diabetics who smoked at least 1 pack of cigarettes per day were at an especially high risk of dying from TB.

When anti-tuberculosis drugs were discovered during the last century, the

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Why Smoking Makes You Cough

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fvsfdvWant to know why smoking makes you cough? Well, coughing usually indicates there is something in the respiratory passages that shouldn’t be there, and in the case of a smoker that something is the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. The body is simply trying to protect itself with the cough reflex, which is a vital part of our body’s complicated defence mechanism. But despite the body’s best efforts to cough these toxins out, some of the poisons in the smoke remain in the lungs. What this means is that over time the smoker’s health gets worse, never better, as a direct result of inhaling tobacco smoke.

My brother was no different to many regular smokers in that he’d cough a lot. In actual fact he was always coughing and cleaning his throat. If that’s not the body’s way of telling the smoker that enough is enough, then I don’t know what is! Of course, my brother would jest that his constant coughing is a healthy way to exercise the lungs. He’d often come out with a daft idiom that goes; It wasn’t the coughing that carried him off


Details About Tuberculosis Treatment

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Details About Tuberculosis TreatmentThe treatment of tuberculosis lasts a long period of time, from six to nine months but it gives remarkably good results in patients. Only in some cases drugs are not bared by the patient and side effects appear. In order to prevent them from happening the doctor monitorizes closely the evolution of the patient by performing blood, urine tests and thoracic x-rays.

The doctor must be announced when nausea, vomiting, fever and jaundice appear. Some patients might develop a skin rash and bruises from the drugs, others might feel numbness in hands or feet and others might have visual problems. The doctor needs to be informed if these kinds of situations appear because he will change the treatment and will replace the harmful drugs with others suitable for the patient.

In the process of treating tuberculosis, doctors use certain drugs that might give certain side effects. For example, Isoniazid can be responsible for the loss of appetite, for nausea, and for tingling in the hands and feet. Rifampicin can interfere with contraceptive pills treatment reducing their effect and can also stain the contact lenses of


Detection of Hidden Cases of Tuberculosis

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Detection of Hidden Cases of TuberculosisYes, it is a hidden disease. The patient remains asymptomatic for long periods, and the disease is often diagnosed during routine tests, when a chest X-ray reveals the ‘hidden’ disease, i.e. tuberculosis. It has thus an occult/hidden character.

In places where the incidence of tuberculosis is not marked, ‘tuberculin test surveys’ be carried out among the general population, which gives an idea of the number of cases who are tuberculin positive, i.e. infected with tubercle bacilli (although the disease may be inactive in the majority of them). Those who have shown positive in the tuberculin test should be subjected to an X-ray examination of the chest, so as to find out hidden/ symptomless, especially active cases of the disease – in other words those who are suffering from active tuberculosis, but still showing no symptoms of the disease, can be detected.

For an epidemiological survey, small X-rays may be taken through a special X-;ray plant fitted in a van, which moves from place to place or village to village, or visits poor communities/slums. X-rays are taken in quick succession, one by one, of


What Should You Know about Tuberculosis

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What Should You Know about TuberculosisTuberculosis is a germ infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis which generally affects the lungs, but it can also affect kidneys, lymph nodes, spine, intestinal tract and brain.

Tuberculosis is spreading by air, if an infected person coughs sneezes or shouts, the germs spreading into the air. By inhaling them other people get infected.

At the thoracic X-ray appear granulomas (granular tumors) in the lungs.

Most people’s immune system contains the primary infection, but some do not have this particularity, and so, the disease may occur within weeks after the primary infection.
Some people shed the TB germ into their lungs for years and at some moment the germs could activate and the infection could manifest.

The easiest to infect are the children and people who have a weakened immune system (those undergoing chemotherapy, those who had an organ transplant and now take immunosuppressive drugs, and those infected with HIV).

To prevent TB in children doctors give them shots of the bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) vaccine.

The risk of catching TB increases with the frequency of contacting other infected people,

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Preventing Your Kidney Tuberculosis

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Preventing Your Kidney TuberculosisKidney disease caused by tuberculosis and it is caused by bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). It is a disease that in general has an effect on the lungs but it can distress a lot of other body organs like the kidney. Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that is spread from person to person by way of the air. It is a disease that can be healed if dealt with appropriately.

The tuberculosis bacterium is originally inhaled into the lungs where it can afterward extend to other organs. Symptoms might not progress for several years, even decades, after the preliminary infection. It is also called as nephrotuberculosis or tuberculosis of the kidney.

Prevalence of kidney tuberculosis differs all over the developing world where the infection is widespread. The disease is more widespread in higher socioeconomic groups, akin to the pattern discovered in Europe. Kidney tuberculosis is unusual in tropical Africa in spite of the fact that other kinds of tuberculosis are usual. High prevalence is perceived in Eastern Europe, Asia and, principally, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. It is related with

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Is Tuberculosis Curable by Diet Management

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Is Tuberculosis Curable by Diet ManagementTuberculosis (TB) is one of the most feared diseases. This is true even after years of known results that it is now no-more the incurable monster. It’s good news for those who are unaware of this fact TB is completely curable through medication and sometimes surgeries.

But is tuberculosis curable by managing one’s diet? YES! What else can be a better way to counter TB than following a healthy and carefully-monitored diet?

That’s why we bring you some food materials such as milk, plants and vegetables which function as the nature’s army to render tuberculosis curable with recommended medication as a major foundation.

The food stuffs that answer this question in the best possible manner: “Is tuberculosis curable by diet management?” are as follows:

Milk Diet- The main component that the body needs when suffering from TB is calcium and what other source than milk is a better option? For a proper milk diet to be followed, a fast of about 3 days which includes raw juices should be done. Sipping of raw or unpasteurized milks slowly such that it gets

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